The goal the Worldwide Acupuncture Treatment is to increase the flow of humanity on Earth by reducing clots at the borders. This treatment is analogous to increasing the flow of blood and oxygen throughout the human body. Without this flow the body atrophies and life can be extinguished.

The intended result would be a world where people can move freely, where families are not separated. This job is too large for one artist/Urban Acupuncturist. Consequently, I invite artists around the world to participate. In fact I want them to make the project their own.

Participants will make their own needles, choose the border(s) they treat, decide where to place the needles, and are responsible for their own actions. I ask that all treatments be peaceful and non-confrontational. The purpose is not to create new borders….

Worldwide Acupuncture should create dialogue with regards to borders. So participants are asked to contact their local media and explain their treatment. The needles are not meant to remain as public sculpture, but this is open to the artists and their communities to decide. There are no rules, no boundaries other than those encountered during individual treatments. Deal with these issues peacefully.

When this project is finished, documentation will be exhibited at the Trouble Shooting exhibition at the Freies Museum in Berlin, Germany, between late Summer and early Autumn, 2011.

Let’s hope these treatments work.

For more information contact:
Lowell Darling

The cultural life, near and far:

At the end of July, e-mails former gubernatorial candidate and artist Lowell Darling, "I'm acupuncturing the U.S.-China border along the Great Highway as part of a series of events organized by Cheryl Meeker." Darling explains: "The Pacific Ocean is what lies between America and China and the Far East. One goes West to find East. So I am placing needles in the sand at the water's edge. ... In acupuncture, the needles are seldom placed directly into the troubled area, but where the energy flows. ... To increase the flow of people and ideas between nations divided by borders, my treatments add to the dialogue of this need."