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Let me be the first gubernatorial candidate on the 2010 ballot of any major political party to endorse Jerry Brown for Governor of California.

The reason for my decision is simple: the ballot measure I supported--to lower the majority vote on budgets and revenues to a simple majority--has not qualified for the ballot in November. It will take four more years at the rate we are moving. In the meantime the State of California will be four years deeper in debt.

With regards to the other word for revenues—taxes—as a political candidate I stand alone in saying it. Why? We can’t own a car without paying for it. We can’t eat without buying or raising food. Yet Californians we imagine that we can have a functional state without paying for it. That said, I add that while I endorse Jerry Brown, I still want voters to cast their ballots for me in the June Primary.

A vote for me is a vote of support for returning to the democratic simple majority rule. I am voting for myself on June 8, 2010, and I would appreciate all the votes I can get. I will honor those votes by continuing my campaign until 2014. ALSO between now and the 2014 election I will be investigating the legalities and economic possibilities of franchising the Office of Governor as a Reality Television show, broadcast 24/7. The Gubernatorial Network.

In 1978 I proposed implanting a video camera in my forehead. If I were Governor, my constituents could see and hear everything I see and hear, including what I say. Total transparency.

Thirty two years ago California laughed at me, but in 2010, the idea makes perfect sense. Think of the money Arnold could have earned for California in the last 8 years. Entertainment is America’s number one export. Politics is America’s favorite entertainment. Once we prove that this works in California, the Presidency might want to buy into the program.

It’s time for politicians to support the people.

On GTN when the Governor looks at a Coke, the viewers see the Coke, money automatically transfers from Coca Cola to the state treasury. This is a state revenue. Not all state revenues need to come from taxes, but the politicians in Sacramento have to be able to say the word in public: revenues. Why? Because all they can do is spend.

First and foremost to benefit from the political entertainment boom will be education. I agree with Eisenhower when he said that an uneducated nation is primed for dictatorship.

Education would be number one recipient of GTN revenues.

Lowell Darling,
May 14, 2010

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"The truth of the matter is that at this particular moment in time we should step up to the plate, move forward into the future, and take into account that recent polls indicate the people of America prefer an artist and member of the Society of Independent Artists Lowell Darling for Governor of the Great State of California."

Tom Marioni, Founder,
Society of Independent Artists
San Francisco, California
May 2010


After California voters rejected Lowell Darling for governor in 1978, he went into exile. He didn’t return until recently. His current gubernatorial campaign (2010) is a message. Lowell is back. And until the 2/3 majority vote on budgets and revenues is reduced to a functional, democratic simple majority, Lowell is staying. He is moving to San Francisco where he will perform the first of his worldwide acupuncture treatments.

The purpose of these treatments is to relieve tension created by manmade borders. Our borders are clotting, blocking the natural flow of humanity across the planet.

Human movement on earth is analogous to the flow of blood in our bodies. When our blood ceases to flow, we die. Only when people meet will they grow to respect each other. We will be at peace only when broken families, divided by borders, are brought together again.

Many people argue that current migrations are already creating dramatic demographic changes. I argue that many of the immigrants are refugees who are not free to return home. Easy come, easy go, that is human nature.

World Acupuncture will take four years to complete. Treatments will include a variety of borders, both real and invented.

Depending on the success of this undertaking, Lowell Darling may run again for Governor of California in 2014.

Caricature by Vangelis Pavlidis