ft. music by Tom Waits

Edited for Tom Waits

by Lowell Darling
(for Gigi)

Film Credits
Hollywood Archæology credits everyone who has ever worked in or on a film that was shot, produced, processed or lost in Hollywood, California. Fragments in this film were found between 1973 and 1999 in the gutters of Seward Street: Hollywood. Any disfiguration is attributed to car tires, motor oil, grass stain, twigs, garbage, sun, rain, LA water, chemicals and age. Content was a matter of chance, but each film was edited specifically for the artist credited with the music.

Music Credits
Tom Waits and Kathleen Brennan
Originally on Alice
Recorded by Oz Fritz
In The Pocket Studio, Forestville CA

Tom Waits: Piano
Matthew Sperry: Bass
Gino Robair: Marimba
Colin Stetson: Bass Clarinet
Carla Kihlstedt: Violin

Rock Ross
Michael Rudnick
Rebeca Bollinger
Gregory Wiley Edwards
Ian Roberts
William Farley
Sherry Frumkin
Molly Barnes
Michael Swager
Peter Dekom
Monroe E. Price
Aimee Brown Price
Jim Preminger
Ann Harithas
Larry Hagman
Mike Mazurki
Robert the Mad
Seeta Gangadharin
Heather Johnson
Charles Veal Jr.
Ilene Segalove
Lucy Brown
Jim Newman
Griff Williams
Laurie Plant
Sophie Darling
Ruby Darling
Anthony Ramos
David Ross
Tom Waits
Kathleen Brennan
Les Claypool
Cheney Claypool
Seward Street

Processing & Transfering by Monaco Film Labs